fic: life is a game of chess

 A/N:  I started this fic a few days before "Bloodline" started, and I had it in my head that this would be mostly about Lincoln questioning his side's motives and the difference between right and wrong. Before the episode aired, I had seen the sneak peek, and I wondered how Lincoln would react to the news that he had been lied to about the whole Olivia situation for months. I guessed (correctly) that he would begin to question everything around him, and that's where the idea for this fic came from. Ultimately, this is a story just about that, but we've seen so little of Lincoln and know just vague hints about this past, so I sort of came up with my own little personal canon for him. In some ways, this is a character study, and because of that I had to include Lincoln/Alt!livia, not only because she is such an important person in his life, but also because she is the catalyst for why he starts to view things differently in the first place. There is also one major plot point that I didn't fully explain, but I think I provided enough clues for you to at least get a clue about what it's about. 

I hope this fic is enjoyable and doesn't come off as a huge mess, but it's been some time since I've written anything. Plus, this might be the longest one shot I have ever written. I recommend listening to the song I listed below because I've been listening to it repeatedly since I really started writing this thing and I think it really helps to set up the mood. This also comes to you unbeta'ed, so all mistakes are mine ;)

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ben leslie

fic: crash and burn

Fandom: Parks and Recreation
Couple: Ben/Leslie
A/N: So I started writing this over a week ago to get rid of my writer's block and it turned into this huge monsterous thing that's a little bit all over the place. It's my first venture into this fandom and this couple, so you'll have to forgive me. I might have made it a tad too angsty for it to really be in character, but I'm still trying to get used to writing them. Hope you enjoy! 

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rhr running wedding

And I Will Always Love You; [a birthday mix for my wifey Joy]

 Due to my severe writer's block and the tremendous amount of stress I've been under for the past few weeks, I wasn't able to write a fic for my dear friend and wife Joy for her 23rd birthday, so instead I've decided to make you one of the craziest, most out there mixes possible. Some of the songs have significance to our relationship, some do not, and some only you and I will truly get. This is my love letter to you, and what a crazy one it is. But what kind of gift would it be if it wasn't? A stupid one I would say. Thanks for being there for the past few years darling! I don't know what I would do without you, and I mean that honest to God. You are a real, true friend to me even if you are thousands of miles away. Love you to pieces! I hope you enjoy this! <333

01 | You're Not Stubborn - Two Door Cinema Club
02 | Blue Blood Blues - The Dead Weather
03 | Tiny Ball of Light - Ron, Hermione, & Co.
04 | Futile Devices - Sufjan Stevens
05 | Skinny Love (Das Kapital Remix) - Bon Iver
06 | On Your Side - Pete Yorn
07 | After Hours - We Are Scientists
08 | Take Everything - Greg Laswell
09 | Blow (Cirkut Remix) - Ke$ha
10 | Stray Italian Greyhound - Vienna Teng
11 | Not In Love - Crystal Castles
12 | Eet - Regina Spektor
13 | Oh No! - Marina & The Diamonds
14 | While We Were Hunting Rabbits - Matthew Good
15 | Find A Way - SafetySuit
16 | Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows - Lesley Gore

download here
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The Morning After

This is for Flor (myflower ) on her 22nd Birthday!! Happy Birthday my dear! I hope you get everything that you wish for and that so far your day has been wonderful and everything you wanted it to be. I'm not sure how great this gift is, but I've had writer's block lately and I'm amazed to be honest that I actually managed to finish this in time AND get it over a 1000 words, haha. I hope you enjoy it bb! I can't imagine what my fandom life would be like without you in it. You've become a great friend to me over the past few months and I'm so glad that we got closer. I know we didn't talk much when we were a part of the LOST fandom and I'm pretty sure I remember our first conversations were actually about Twilight!  Look how far we've come now....we have a brand new show to fangirl over and a brilliant new ship! I'm so glad you started watching this show, not only because I love it, but because it brought us closer. You are my brain twin, and I'm so happy to have you in my fandom life! Love you! <3333

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look what you've done to me; [a lincoln/alt!livia mix]

After "Immortality", my obsession with these two sort of skyrocketed and I think I would be pretty devastated if they never go here. Mostly because Lincoln Lee may be one of the most adorable people in any universe and he is head over heels in love with Olivia. Because of that fact, this mix is all from his POV; first, him falling in love with Olivia, then him pining over the fact that he can't have her, and finally him realizing that he'd do anything to be by her side, no matter what happens.

Once again, thanks to Flor (
myflower ) for making the art for this mix. You are my brain twin, my tv soulmate and I'm so glad we got closer over the past few months!


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Love as Strong as Death [A Mitchell & Annie Mix]

I'm starting to sense a pattern when it comes to my shipping preferences. One of them is usually darker, more depressed, doesn't view themselves in a good light while the other is like a beacon from heaven lol. They always always seem to have a saving complex or feel as if they need to be saved. And you know what? I don't really care! This ship is perfect because of those reasons. She is the sunlight to his darkness and he gave her a second life. I have to thank Joy (izbetterthanu ) for introducing me to this show and this ship because it and they are AMAZING and this season should be soooo good!

This mix is mostly speculation for S3, but also focuses on Annie being lost in purgatory and Mitchell's angsty period without her. I hope you all enjoy!

Special thanks to Sarah (gendrys ) for making the art! It is flawless and you are flawless and I shall love you until the end of time and beyond!

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i&#39;ve missed you

Top 5 Ships of 2010

This is a bit late considering we are already 9 days into 2011, but I wanted to do something special for my top 5 ships from 2010 and since I don't make art this is the result. I wrote one fic for each couple and also included a download link for one song that reminded me of them this year (click on the song title and artist for the links). Hope you enjoy!

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